Japan Building 1st A Impressive Satellite Made of Wood

Japan has started a project to build a wooden satellite.

More satellites are being launched from Earth into space. This is gradually creating a complicated situation. These satellites are scattering alumina particles in the air. The result is severe damage to the environment. To this end, Sumitomo Forestry, a Japanese private company, and Kyoto University have jointly developed the world’s first wooden satellite (artificial satellite). They have plans to launch the satellite into space by 2023. Sumitomo Forestry, a non-governmental organization, said it had begun research into tree growth and the possibility of using wood materials in space. The two organizations will jointly experiment with different types of wood in the extreme environment of the planet. Already there is a huge amount of garbage in space, which is called space junk.

On the other, the launch of the satellite has not stopped. As a result, this space junk is becoming a big problem. If it is possible to make satellites out of wood, it will be possible to reduce space junk a lot. Because when a satellite returns to Earth, it will burn to ashes within a few moments of entering the atmosphere. Also, it will not leave any waste in the atmosphere in the end.

Sumitomo Forestry is part of the Sumitomo Group, founded about 400 years ago. According to the company, they are trying to make an object out of wood that can withstand temperature changes and intense sunlight.

Waste management is somewhat complicated when conventional satellites of metal structures in the atmosphere are destroyed or burned. To overcome this situation, Japan has started a project to build a wooden satellite. Kyoto University is working jointly with a Japanese organization on this project. The joint team believes they will be able to build this exceptional and environmentally friendly satellite by 2023. They have already conducted extensive experiments.

The sustainability of wood in hostile environments and its acceptability as a satellite structure have already been verified. “We are very concerned about the (accidental) fire on the satellite after it entered the atmosphere,” said Takao Doi, a Japanese astronaut, and professor at Kyoto University. After that, its metallic waste floats in the upper part of the atmosphere for a long time. ” This is because after the wood structure is burnt, there will be no more waste except some technical material.

In other sounds, it will be feasible to reduce waste to a great limit. Regarding the wooden satellite, he said, “Our next step will be to create an engineering model of the satellite, then we will create a flight model.”

The Standard characteristics of WOOD

The properties of timber depend largely on the age of the tree, nature, the time of cutting, the sawing process, the wood drying process, and so on.

The characteristics of good quality timber are given below:

  1. These will be hard, flawless, durable, and durable.
  2. These will be free from both artificial and natural defects.
  3. These will have a color balance. There will be no sudden color difference in any part of them. Equilibrium and dark-colored timber are considered to be good quality timber.
  4. These will not emit a foul odor.
  5. Hitting them with a hammer will make a clear sound.
  6. These will be juice-free.
  7. Their fiber structure will be simple and smooth.
  8. These are collected from the heartwood of an adult tree.
  9. These can be obtained by cutting parallel to the fiber.
  10. These will have the uniformity and regularity of the Annual Ring in their structure.
  11. The density of these will be higher.
  12. They will have the ability to withstand stress, so that it can be used as a pile, start, post, etc.
  13. They will have elastic properties. Because it is recommended to have this quality for making bullock cartwheels, safes, toys, dolls, etc.
  14. They will have fire-retardant properties.
  15. These can be easily put into action.

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