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Video Games- Everything You Need To Know About Competitive Video Games

The creativity of Video game players is much higher than others. Players’ brains are activated for the benefit of video games.

You have to make the right decision by using your intellect to go through different stages of the game. Later this ability is also used in real life.

Various research has shown that video games are very salutary for those who suffer from mental health problems (such as stress, depression, etc.). Stress and depression are greatly reduced while playing games.

Games are a means of entertainment. Ralph Baer made the first video game in 1940. In the beginning, games were just for fun. But nowadays, gaming has become a profession for many. Those who have taken gaming as their profession are called gamers. Although video games were not popular in the beginning, video games became very popular in the seventies. The games we play today are called eighth-generation games.

Online Gaming– Video Game

Online Games

Online games have greatly increased the popularity of video games. Many people have now chosen such games as their profession. In addition to entertainment, such games are being used in scientific research. Such games are a cause of fear for scientists. People easily become addicted to such games. As a result, the user spends important moments of his life playing games. Due to this, he is financially and socially backward. There are more men than women in online gaming. Statistics show that 52% of online gamers in the world are men and 48% are women. Online gaming occupies a large place in the world market. In 2011, the online games market was $ 19 billion, which increased to $ 35 billion in 2017. Some of the popular online games are PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, and Call Of Duty Warzone.

Video games that require an internet connection are called online games. Online games are very popular with computer, console, and mobile device users. The first online game was created in 1984. In online games, all the information of the player is stored on an online server. The user can access that server at any time. In such games, players can play in groups if they want, interacting with each other in the game. Such games tend to be social. As a result, children can also enjoy such games. Battle Royale games are currently at the top of popularity. The inventor of the Battle Royale game is Brendan Greene.

Offline Gaming

Offline Games

Video games that can be played without an internet connection are called offline games. Offline games were very popular in the 2000s. But nowadays, the popularity of offline games is much less than before. But offline games are still popular in rural areas and poor countries. Everything about offline games is predetermined. Offline games do not have any facility to save accounts. As a result, if the game is deleted from the device for some reason, you have to play again from the beginning. Such games are not associated with any type of server. So these can be easily cracked. As a result, the game maker has to face financial loss. At present, most offline games are free. Some of the popular offline games are Portal, Dark Souls, Doom, and Monster Train. Some games can be played both online and offline. For example GTA 5, Call Of Duty.

Virtual Gaming

Virtual Reality Games (VR Games)

The new generation of gaming technology is virtual reality gaming or VR gaming. In this technology, the surrounding environment is created using VFX through a computer. Such games can only be played between high-quality computers and consoles. There are three types of virtual reality games. Individual virtual reality games were first created. Only one gamer can play the game with this technology. There are also multiplayer and online virtual reality games. These allow multiple players to play the game together. Virtual reality games have a 3D artificial environment that allows VR users to taste reality in the game.

The Future Of Games

Seeing the gaming industry’s success, the big companies of the world are getting involved with this industry, which includes companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon. Also currently Sony(PlayStation) and Microsoft(Xbox) are competing in this industry. Artificial intelligence is going to be added to the games in the future. Through NPCs will be created which will behave like human beings. Which allows us to keep virtual friends in the game. Creating NPCs using AI can cause some problems. As such, there may be a difference of opinion between Gamer and NPC. As a result, the gamer will not be able to enjoy the game. This can lead to huge financial losses for game makers. But despite all this, big game makers are currently working on AI.

The gaming industries make the most money from mobile games. In 2019, the gaming industry earned about $ 4.75 billion from mobile games. So game makers are now giving more importance to mobile games. Most of the mobile games are being brought online. In the future, various organizations are thinking of adding VR Gaming on mobile. Currently, VR Gaming is limited to consoles and computers only.

• PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds): PUBG is currently one of the world’s most popular games. The concept of the game is based on the famous novel Battle Royale, published in 1999. This game can be played between mobile, console, and computer. In this game, 100 players are dropped off on an island. In the end, the one who survives is the winner.

• GTA 5: One of the most popular open-world games is GTA Five. Six years after its publication, its popularity has not diminished. The manufacturer RockStar brings updates to the game every month. As a result, gamers can enjoy the game even after completing all the missions.

• Call Of Duty: Call Of Duty is one of the most popular war games. The most popular series of Call Of Duty is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Initially, the game was priced at $ 60, but now it can be played for free.

• The Witcher 3: Adventure Games The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt ranks first in the world. The name of the manufacturer of this game is CD Projekt. Although the first two games in the Witcher series, Witcher 1 and Witcher 2, did not gain much popularity, Witcher 3 gained much popularity.


There are good and bad sides to everything. There are some benefits to the game as well. Playing games increases our creative ability. But playing extra games can cause eye problems. Also playing too many games wastes our important time. New games are being released every day. Which is changing the way we play games. It will be nice to see what kind of games will be created using AI in the future.

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